our story

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It all started when...

I was training for my first half-marathon in March 2015. Despite having worn hijab for a number of years, Ialways had trouble finding an activewear hijab that I felt comfortable in - more specifically, a hijab that would stay dry and in place. I was looking for a product that was easily available, high-quality, versatile, and representative of my own personal style. Training for that race was particularly difficult because the bandanas and beanies I was accustomed to wearing during shorter runs wouldn’t stay on when my runs got longer. I kept wishing I could go to a store like Under Armour and find what I needed. Given that wasn’t an option, a friend of mine approached me with the idea of making my own, which is how I started working on the actual business idea. I reached out to women in my family and friends circles, asking about their needs in the activewear space, and quickly learned that more inclusive activewear is a prevalent need for personal, cultural and religious reasons.

While we are starting with products focused on Muslim women, our brand embodies the values of women across several demographics, and we are looking forward to expanding our collection to be as inclusive as possible. Our number one focus is and will always be the voice of our customer: any woman whose activewear needs are not being addressed by the current market.

Sukoon activewear is designed to enable each user to achieve her ultimate workout. Our collection uses a combination of merino wool and mesh so that our apparel is lightweight, soft and breathable. Because merino wool is a natural fabric, lit is the perfect base for both our hijabs and shirts; it doesn’t slip off hair easily, and it’s not form-fitting ie commonly found poly and spandex-blend apparel in the market. Our collection is designed for optimal wearability and comfort. 

Sukoon is not just another activewear line; it is a movement that embodies a generation of women creating solutions that move beyond the options that are presented to us.