Our Story

A Letter From The Founder

I have worn hijab for nearly a decade, but have always struggled to find one that I felt comfortable in while being active. I used to wear homemade bandanas, but they were not effective for rigorous or long workouts. I was yearning for a product designed by someone who understands my needs as a woman who wears hijab. In the world of 2-day-shipping and smart-everything, I wanted something that was easily-available, high-quality, versatile, and contemporary. I wanted to be able to run, hike and bike without the anxiety about what to wear. This prompted me to start Sukoon, a brand that introduces high-quality activewear that provides coverage while also being breathable, dry-wicking, comfortable, and on-trend. 

Sukoon activewear is designed to maximize comfort and drive your ultimate performance through a combination of eco-friendly materials. Two years of product development and extensive wear-testing has ensured that our apparel provides the perfect amount of coverage while being lightweight, soft, and breathable.

We are building Sukoon with the dream of enabling and inspiring women to engage in new and exciting challenges. Have you been too nervous to run that marathon because you don't know what hijab to wear? Does hot yoga seem like the worst idea ever because you're sweating through your winter long sleeve tee? Are you worried about your hijab unraveling while you're rock-climbing? As a woman who has faced these challenges myself, I have been the first wear-tester for every single prototype my team and I have designed. And now, we are ready to share these innovations with you.  

We are launching our brand with products specifically designed for Muslim women, but we embody the values of women across different (ahem, real!) body types, cultures and faiths. Our number one focus is and will always be the voice of our customer: any woman whose activewear needs are not being addressed by the current market, and we are excited to expand our brand to be as inclusive as possible. If you're not finding what you are looking for in the activewear market, drop us a line at hello@sukoonactive.com so that we can design around your needs.

Working out is vital to our physical, mental and spiritual wellness, and I hope that our community will enable you to reach your wildest wellness dreams. I am excited to welcome you to be a part of our movement, to be a part of a generation of women who create solutions that move beyond the options that are presented to us. 


A Special Thank You

We began this venture by testing our concept through a successful crowdfunding platform in June 2016. During our 30-day Kickstarter campaign, we raised $26,676, surpassing our initial funding goal of $10,000 and attracting 379 backers.

We would like to say a HUGE personal thank you to each and every one of you who supported our project along the way. We couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you for believing in me, my team, and our vision to empower women through inclusive fashion. We hope our brand will serve as a tool that enables women all over the world to embark on every adventure they can dream of.

With endless gratitude,


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