At Sukoon, we are deeply committed to empowering women and girls through sports. By donating products and profits to select nonprofit organizations, Sukoon helps young girls around the world to improve their physical and mental health, self-esteem, academic achievement, and long-term economic and social standing.

Upon first launching in 2016, we partnered with the Zaatari Taekwondo Academy, a non-profit based in Jordan that teaches martial arts to Syrian refugee children. Recently featured in After Spring, a documentary in the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival, the organization has already improved the lives of over 250 students. During our Kickstarter, we pledged to personally match 10% of all the funds we raised, and donate them to the Zaatari Taekwondo Academy. Ultimately, our $2,600+ donation was used to purchase uniforms and build a new girls’ bathroom and changing facilities. As the organization continues to expand its programming, we look forward to seeing its growing positive impact on the next generation of Syrian women.

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