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Founder of Sukoon Active, Arshiya Kherani, in a black hijab and cream sweater against a gold background.


CEO & Founder, Sukoon

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Arshiya started Sukoon out of a personal need for activewear that suits her lifestyle as a Muslim woman and an avid runner. She loves building community and empowering women from minority backgrounds. Arshiya loves writing, barre classes, and a slice of Joe’s Pizza.

More About Arshiya

Team Member - Anette Cantagallo


Creative Consultant & Sustainability Advisor

Anette Cantagallo Linked In
Anette is a pro at sourcing sustainable fibers and vetting manufacturing partners that operate at the highest standards across all parts of garment production, including human working conditions. She is the all-star behind our creative direction for photography and design. Anette and Arshiya met in 2016 and have been working together ever since to design a set of products that would make a healthy lifestyle accessible to all women. Anette is originally from Sweden, enjoys trail hiking and yoga, and loves the sun.
Team Member - Melissa Baird


Operations & Production Advisor

Melissa Baird Linked In
Melissa has been advising Sukoon since early 2018. Melissa is one of those people that knows something about everything, which has made her such an awesome resource for Sukoon! She primarily helps our team navigate through tough production + logistics hurdles. Melissa loves swimming, comic books, and traveling to historic sites.


Team Member - Kristin Bradfield


Marketing & Communications Advisor

Kristin Bradfield Linked In
Kristin has 20+ years of global marketing experience with both major consumer brands and start-ups. She has been advising Sukoon since late 2018 and in a short amount of time, has helped reposition the brand, build out brand assets and guide the e-commerce strategy. Kristin is a passionate athlete who has competed in 12 Ironman triathlons, multiple marathons, and is training for her first 100-mile trail race this summer.