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Find Your...SuKuarantine? (CoronaVirus Edition)

by Arshiya Kherani |

Yup, there’s literally nothing else to think about except You Know What: CoronaVirus. Many of us are about a week into #SocialDistancing. We’re glued to our phones, Kindles, TVs and laptops as we WFH and try to establish a new normal.

How should we fill the time we usually spend commuting, hanging out with friends and family, and traveling? March is usually full of races and trainings, a colorful wardrobe change, fresh flowers and surprising days full of warmth that we can walk/run/picnic in. 

Instead, here we are wondering how to grocery shop effectively without becoming those weird stockpilers that everyone hates on the Internet right now. 

Can we go outside at all, without becoming Patient Zero?

My roommate and I are on Day 6 of self-quarantining. We’ve spent even more time together than usual (we both work from home already) and we are, like so many people, feeling antsy. There’s always work to be done, but what will our jobs and businesses look like over the next few months? Many of us are re-strategizing and trying to find a new footing. And new hobbies. (We started a 1000-piece dinosaur puzzle last night, for better or for worse…)

California (where I’m based) is under a “shelter-in-place” policy, effective today. For those of us who have already been social distancing, it doesn’t make much of a difference: stay home unless you need food/essentials/medical attention. But the silver lining is that there is finally some clarity around what we are allowed to do:

“Going outside for a walk or exercise is allowed, and even encouraged...where the order has been imposed.” (CNN)

So it turns out: we CAN (and should) go outside! 

It turns out that while we should of course avoid heavily trafficked areas, we are totally allowed to go outside and EXERCISE during the COVID-19 epidemic. That means we can still take daily walks, runs, and even hikes! So yesterday, my roomie and I went on a beautiful, short 2.5 mile hike in Malibu. (For anyone in the LA area looking for some inspo: we did the Corral Canyon Loop in the Santa Monica Mountains). 

And let me tell you, it was exactly what we needed. After being cooped up inside for days, we had 3 glorious screen-free hours. We took in Vitamin D (the natural way), worked up a sweat, and we earned some stunning views of the canyons and the Pacific. As a bonus, there was hardly anyone on the trail. Perfect social distancing exercise.

So while COVID-19 is definitely wreaking havoc in the world, and that shouldn’t be taken lightly, this is our chance to enjoy the little bits of nature we can find around us. 

Have you been meaning to take up a daily walk? 

Or build up your endurance to run? 

Is there a trail nearby you’ve been meaning to check out? 

Join our challenge and #FindYourSuKuarantine with us!

Tag us in your stories (@sukoonactive) and use our hashtags: #FindYourSukoon and #FindYourSuKuarantine to inspire our team + your fam/friends to get a little fresh air...six feet away from each other of course.

(Extra love if you're wearing our HAWA Collection).

Here I am on my run this morning wearing my FAVORITE product: the HAWA Headwrap. And don't forget to comment with your favorite #SocialDistancing activities below!

Stay safe, wash your hands, and #FindYourSuKuarantine

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