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It’s not enough for us to create the best activewear.

At Sukoon, we strive to take responsibility for every part of the design and production process. We do this by sourcing the most sustainable materials, partnering with the most ethical factories, and minimizing our environmental footprint along the way.

People Make Your Clothes

Our philosophy is simple: people make your clothes. 

Most of our pieces are made in a sewing factory in northern Portugal that offers excellent working conditions to all their employees. Each employee works an 8 hour shift and takes a 1.5 hour lunch break. 70% of workers earn higher than the median living wage in Portugal

A special thank you to our project leads, Filipe and Marisol (below!), who have spent countless hours translating measurements, notes and ideas from English to Portuguese (and visa versa) to help make team Sukoon’s vision come to life. We truly wouldn’t have been able to create such high quality and beautiful products without them.

Woman in white on left, man in white in the middle, and Arshiya, founder of Sukoon Active, on right.

Better Activewear, A Better Way

Our goal is to make better activewear in a better way. 

The fashion industry is the #2 most polluting industry in the world. Most activewear is made from petrolium-based synthetic materials. Think: polyester, spandex and nylon blends...probably most of the activewear in your closet right now!

These fabrics require chemical additives in order to be high-performance, wicking and sweat absorbant. Not only do many of these treatments wear off with washing, but they pollute waterways, do not biodegrade, and ultimately create more toxins and waste the longer they are used and produced. 

In our effort to be radically responsible, we produce clothing from natural, sustainable materials that do not compromise comfort or performance. We use eco-friendly fibers, dyes and finishings that actively reduce our company's carbon footprint. 

Woman running fabric through a sewing machine.

The best fabrics from high quality partners in northern Portugal

Portugal has a long and rich history in quality sustainably materials and incredible workmanship. 

While our main fabric partners are in Portugal, we also work with an incredible factory in New Hampshire (USA), from where we source our organic cotton tote bags

Fabric machine in a factory.

Meet Sukoon's KALYPTO™ Family

With the help of our partners in Portugal, we have built a library of fabrics that we house in our KALYPTO™ fabric family.

Our KALYPTO™ fabric is comprised of fabric blends largely made from TENCEL™ fibers that are sourced from sustainably managed  eucalyptus tree forests. TENCEL™ fibers are spun into yarn in a nontoxic, closed-loop process that limits waste, and completely eliminates micro-plastic shedding. During production, TENCEL™ uses approximately 80% less water than other fabrics. 

Our KALYPTO™ family of fabrics also utilizes other natural fibers such as cotton, and minimal quantities of elastane to add stretch qualities to our activewear in all the right places.

Fun fact: “Kalypto” is the Greek word for “eucalyptus” and also means “to cover" which is what so much of our design is based on!

Diagram showing the difference in bacteria resistance in different fabrics, with tercel being the most resistant.

A Super Fiber: TENCEL™

TENCEL™ is 100% natural, and is therefore 100% biodegradable.

TENCEL™ fibers are hydrophilic, a quality making the fabric better at absorbing moisture than synthetic fibers. This makes TENCEL™ more breathable, softer, and less prone to bacterial growth, all without harmful chemical additions. 

Because TENCEL™ is so absorbent, it also requires less harmful chemicals during the dyeing and finishing processes.

During production, TENCEL™ emits 5x less carbon emissions than polyester.