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We believe that access to an active lifestyle is a universal right.

We love being active, and from personal experience, we recognize that mainstream activewear often falls short of serving women from diverse backgrounds. We founded Sukoon with a mission to ensure that all women feel empowered and supported to explore, challenge, and own their potential. 

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Our clothing is absolutely innovative, inclusive, and easy to wear.

Sukoon offers premium activewear and hijabs designed for Muslim women (but that is open to all!). We optimize for versatile performance and comfort, whether you are taking a yoga class, running a marathon or just running errands. Our products provide women with the tools you need to own your potential and achieve holistic wellness that is in harmony with your beliefs and backgrounds.

We use sustainable materials and partner with ethical manufacturing facilities.

As a mission-based and faith-driven company, we believe that it’s time to take radical responsibility for the impact our company has on the environment and on human workers across the world. We invite and encourage you to learn more about our fibers and factories, and about the people who make your clothes. 

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