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Have You Ever Skipped A Workout Because You Didn't Know What To Wear?

by Arshiya Kherani |

Because you have to keep pulling your shirt down over your leggings to hide your *bum* Because you can’t get yourself to pin your pashmina in place yet again while you’re trying to run a few miles, or do a few downward dogs? Because you just can’t get yourself to layer up in this 90 degree heat? 

Us too, which is why we started Sukoon Active

Sukoon” means “at ease,” and our products are designed -- by actual Muslim women who run, hike and bike -- with the help of industry experts in activewear design -- to put your workouts at ease.  At Sukoon, you can find the activewear you need to achieve holistic wellness that is in harmony with your beliefs and backgrounds. Here, you get comfort, coverage, and ease of mindNo more choosing between your beliefs and your wellness. 

Welcome to our community of supportive, active, powerful women who demand that access to an active lifestyle is a universal right. This is a safe space to feel empowered, supported, and start or continue your path to Own Your Potential. 

What you’ll find here:

  • Stories focused on fitness, nutrition and wellness 
  • Tips and tricks on shopping ethically and sustainably
  • Inspiration from fellow everyday movers & shakers on their wellness journeys
  • Anything else you want to see?!

Comment below for the stories you’d like to see here, and email us your own (250-400 words) at with the subject “SUKOON BLOG SUBMISSION” - be sure to include photos (ideally while wearing Sukoon Active!)  

Welcome to our inclusive healthy & wellness community, and happy reading!

With gratitude, 

Arshiya Kherani

CEO & Founder

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